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pardoseli epoxidice decorative personalizate 3D

Custom 3D decorative epoxy system floors solutions

Exclusive custom designs, using any type of artwork, for any surface.
Each project is built in an unique manner/from scratch, using the client's measurments and optimized for high resolution. The finish creates an exceptional visual impact.
Our consulting services, included in the package, will define the final graphic format – landscapes, colors, models, that fit perfectly to the client's needs/space.

Epoxy systems have a good heat transfer coefficient, allowing underfloor heating to function at normal parameters. Insulating procedures allow remodelling of the surface after a while, or can seal the floor for an indefinite amount of time.

Pardoseli epoxidice luminiscente Pardoseli epoxidice metalefect Pardoseli decorative luminate
Photoluminescent epoxy floor
Custom decorative floors with full or partial use of luminescent paints
Metaleffect epoxy floor
Unique decorative floors using metallic powders additives
LED encapsulation epoxy floor
RGB LED systems incorporated in epoxy floors
Pardoseli epoxidice decorative 3D Pardoseli epoxidice decorative monocrome Pardoseli personalizate decorative
3D epoxy flooring solutions
Decorative epoxy floors using 3D effect graphic images - 3D floor
Monochrome epoxy floor
Matte or shiny finish epoxy floor, all colors available
Decorative flooring solutions
Decorative floors with limited lifespan (3 - 6 - 7 months)
Creatie Grafica Vectoriala unica » Graphic design for walls and floors

» 3D Graphic images resized to fit your requirements

» Photoluminescent floors with 3D graphic format

» Remodelled decorative floors after 3 months

» Complete ceiling-to-floor 3D graphic design

» 3D flooring – any image, any size
Pardoseli epoxidice si incalzirea prin pardoseala Epoxy floors and underfloor heating

Epoxy systems have an excellent heat transfer coefficient, allowing underfloor heating to function at normal parameters.

Fototapet personalizat impermeabil la comanda
Care este gradul de durabilitate a unei pardoseli decorative What is the life expectancy of epoxy flooring?

Accordind to the situation, epoxy systems are sealed with a top-coat protective glaze that creates a long lasting surface when are exposed to traffic.

Cat dureaza realizarea unei pardoseli epoxidice decorative 3D How long does it take for the execution of a 3D effect epoxy floor?

Depending on the surface, when speaking of either 1 or 100 square meters, the working stages are the same. The execution time is between 4 and 7 days.

Costurile sistemelor epoxidice si tarifele per componente Epoxy systems pricing and charges / components

Costs per square meter for the manufacturing starts from 19 Euro and can exceed 100 Euro, depending on the decorative floor type and other accessories.

Costuri si etapele de realizare a unei pardoseli decorative 3D Pricing and manufacturing stages of a 3D decorative floor

Costs include the production services of the project, identifying/choosing or rebuilding/recreating the graphic image/artwork, the actual production of the 3D support material and application of the final work.

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» Over 1000 models of artwork for your floor & more

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» Epoxy systems offer a long lasting antistatic effect

» Between real and unreal – The 3D effect


» How do I place an order?

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» Artwork/Graphic models for your floor

» How do you achieve a 3D effect?


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